Italicoon User Guide - Buyers

Italicoon User Guide - Buyers



Using Italicoon - the 100% made in Italy B2B portal - to buy only original Italian products is very simple.



1. The Registration

To use Italicoon it is necessary:

- register as a Buyer on the Buyer Registration page;

 confirm your registration by clicking on the button you will find in the Welcome email (you must confirm your subscription because the click enables the account and verifies that the email is correct);

 - Login.



2. The Profile

After the first login, it is very important to complete the profile by entering your company data on the Personal Data page. This data is not shown to sellers, but they are used to verify that the profile is authentic. Sellers can only see the name you entered in the Company field.



3. The Requests

Through the Requests section, buyers can enter their quote requests. To these requests, interested Italian sellers can respond through Italicoon's negotiation system. Entering requests is always free and is very simple. You can enter requests from the Insert Request page. There are no limitations or obligation to purchase.



4. The Ads

In the Ads section are inserted the products for sale divided into categories.

The powerful search engine of Italicoon finds the ads in all the languages of the portal.

To request information on a product just click on the ad and send a message to the seller, or start a negotiation. Sellers respond with very pleasure even to simple requests for information.



5. The Flash sales

The Flash sales section is reserved for promotional sales (or sales in stock): in this section the seller offers some products for a fixed period of time. To request information on a product, you can simply send a message or start a contract.



6. Research pages: Buyers, Sellers and Operators

On the home, in addition to Ads, Requests and Flash sales, there are three sections: Buyers, Sellers and Operators. Within each section are the company pages published by users registered on the portal, through which you can view data, information and contacts of the user.

We remind you that on Italicoon, if you need assistance in the import process, you can know and contact Operators and specialized professionals (transport and logistics experts, customs services, legal consultants, tax, export managers, etc.).



7. Seller's rating

To evaluate the quality and seriousness of the seller, it is very important to carefully view his company page. The buyers can view the company page of sellers from anywhere in the portal by simply clicking on their name.

The company pages are not the same for all users, but change depending on the type of profile and the certifications held. For further information it is useful to read carefully the Users and Certifications page.



8. The Negotiation

On Italicoon there is a negotiation system through which buyers are put in contact only with sellers (and vice versa). This is because on Italicoon every message is a negotiation. In the Messages section, buyers can ask sellers for general information or clarifications.

It is possible to make a proposal, accept it, decline it or make a counter proposal. 

It is advisable to conduct a negotiation directly on Italicoon. The request by a seller to conduct the negotiation on other channels is generally considered to be a non-transparent behavior.



9. The Forum

By clicking on the written Forum (bottom right or on the Account page) you can access the exclusive Made in Italy community. Here you can meet Italian sellers, operators specialized in import export and other buyers like you; you can ask questions, express doubts, tell your experience and compare yourself with other users in the field of Made in Italy and import export.



10. The Assistance

In case of technical problems during the use of the portal, or in case of questions about the use of Italicoon, you can activate the Assistance. User support will respond as soon as possible.



11. How to orientate yourself

Orienting yourself on Italicoon is simple: from the Home you access the six sections of research (Ads, Requests, Flash sales, Buyers, Sellers, Operators) and information pages, from Account you access all the operational pages.



You can also read the FAQs dedicated to Buyers.