FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - Buyers

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - Buyers

Is Italicoon free?
Yes. For buyers it is always completely free.

What are the Requests?
They are requests for estimates without obligation. You can enter all the requests for a quote you want. In this way Italian sellers can send you their offer and you, if you are interested, can ask for further information or start a negotiation.

Can I change a Request that I entered?
The Requests can not be changed, but you can enter all the requests you want. If a request does not interest you anymore you can simply close it.

What are the Flash sales?
The Flash sales are promotional sales (or sales in stock), through which the seller decides to offer some products for a limited period of time. The duration of the sale is established by the seller himself.

Where can I read the Messages?
To read the messages you received just go to Account and click on the Messages button.

Who are the Operators?
The operators are professionals and experts who offer import export services (transport, customs services, consultants, export managers, others) to help you in your international business.

How can I contact an Operator?
Contacting an operator is very simple. Just go to the Operators section located in the portal home, click on the name of the operator you want to contact and then click on Send message (button on the right).

Can Buyers also participate in the Italicoon Forum?
Of course! Buyers are always welcome on the forum. They can intervene on various topics in the field of import export and Made in Italy. They can share their experiences, ask questions, ask for advice and answer other users' questions.

Do I have to register again to participate in the Forum?
No. Users already registered on Italicoon can access the Forum and participate in the conversations without making another registration. 

When I conclude a Negotiation with a Seller, the payments pass through you or the Buyers pay the Italian Seller directly?
Italicoon is not a marketplace! On Italicoon the sellers and buyers conclude the negotiations exclusively with each other according to the modalities that have established, so the buyer pays the Italian seller directly.


Is there the Assistance?
Of course, to activate the Assistance is sufficient use the page Assistance: the user support will respond as soon as possible via email.