Italian products on italicoon

Italian products on italicoon

Italicoon - the international portal of real Made in Italy - is the first site dedicated exclusively to the import - export of only Italian products.

Italicoon is the home of Made in Italy! On Italicoon you can find all the Made in Italy: everything produced in Italy in all its sectors (food, fashion, furniture, design, and much more).

Italy is the country of excellence, in the food industry, clothing, furnishing... Made in Italy is synonymous with quality, innovation and authenticity!

What are the typical Italian products present on Italicoon?



Drinks (wine, beer, oil, juice, coffee...), Fish products (tuna in oil, marinated anchovies...), Meats and sausage (salami, ham...), Sweets (biscuits, frozen desserts, dry pastries...), Dairy products (cheeses, ricotta...), Vegetables (fruit, vegetables...), Preserves (jams, tomato preserves, mushrooms, artichokes and aubergines in oil...), Ready and frozen products (ready sauces..), Organic products, products for celiacs and for vegans (pasta, oil, wine ...) etc.



Men's clothing (sweaters, pants, dresses...), Women's clothing (sweaters, skirts, evening dresses, wedding dresses...), Children's wear, Shoes, Bags, Textile accessories (ties, pochettes, stoles...), Glasses, Suitcases, Small leather goods, etc.



Kitchen furniture, Wardrobes, Chests of drawers and bedside tables, Beds, Sofas, Armchairs and chairs, Tables and coffee tables, Bookcases and office furniture, Lighting, Furnishing accessories, Outdoor furniture, etc.



Jewelery (rings, bracelets, necklaces ...), Design lighting, Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics, Objects, etc.



Plants, Cosmetics, Handicrafts, Software, etc.